"Ippo Nihongo Sanpo Beginners Class Book 1" いっぽにほんごさんぽ

This is a classroom textbook aimed for beginner level students for learning day-to-day Japanese language. This book covers grammar, hiragana and katakana, so it's a recommendable book for people who haven't studied to read and write Japanese. There is a CD along with this book for listening exercises. There are some language assistance in English, Korean and Chinese.

"Ippo Nihongo Sanpo Beginners Class Book 2" いっぽにほんごさんぽ

This book has a lot of real life example sentences so it can be very entertaining to learn using this book. The book will start from something more basic and simple and will step up gradually. Focused to cover grammar and conversation, then eventually covering 80 Kanji characters. This is a book which should be studied if you have studied the Book 1.

"Minnano Nihongo (Beginners) 1, 2" みんなの日本語

The world's most widely used Japanese text book, a standard book for most foreigners. This text book is aimed at average people to learn to be able to make basic sentence structures. It will cover easy material and build up to cover a lot harder materials and the book’s main focus is to improve speaking and then other linguistic skills. The book contents help students to know how to use what vocabulary or grammatical words into practical use in real life situations. There are some substitute text books to help study this book also. For those who seek to step up another level, there is a sequel text book called, "Minnano Nihongo (Intermediate)"

"Minnano Nihongo (Intermediate) 1, 2" みんなの日本語

A sequel version of the Minnano Nihongo book for beginners, it provides more advanced materials for listening, speaking, writing and reading. If you have spent some time covering the basics, then it's probably suitable to take up this book.

"Beginner Japanese Genki 1"

This book is equivalent to, Minnano Nihongo series as it was also the best seller as Japanese text books for beginners. Very popular as a great book to improve your listening, speaking, writing and reading. There are two volumes to this series and 23 chapters each. It will cover up to 300 kanji and about 1100 words as vocabulary.  It incorporates practical vocabularies and expressions and practice being communicative.  

"Studying Japanese from Intermediate Level"

This book as a well established reputation as an intermediate level Japanese text book. There are books written for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners. It's good especially for those who would like to continue on and join a Japanese university or a vocational school. The book is also aimed at students who would like to be part of the Japanese business society. There is also a sequel book, Studying Japanese at an Advanced Level.