Directions to Valiant Language School Roppongi

Our school's friendly, professional, and qualified Japanese teachers will help you build confidence in your ability and lay the groundwork for continued learning. Valiant Language School is about a 5-10 minute walk form Roppongi Station depending on the exit you chose. When exiting Roppongi Station by way of the Toei Oedo Line please use Exit 4B. When exiting Roppongi Station by way of the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line please use Exit 2. You will cross one intersection with traffics lights on the way to our Japanese language school. At this point you will be at the halfway point to Valiant. If you pass a Family Mart after the intersection, then you have gone to far. Click here for our map to dispaly in full view (will open a new window).

language-school-roppongi japanese-language-map