JLPT Test Preparation Lessons


It is recommended, before starting the course, to take at least 1-3 months of our General Japanese classes so that the teacher can work on some weak points. This way, you're more ready to tackle the JLPT classes! The JLPT is aimed for students whose first language isn't Japanese. This test measures and certifies the Japanese language ability. As a Japanese language test, it is the most popular one in the world, it has the largest amount of applicants compared to other tests. There are 5 levels to this exam, the N1 being the highest and N5 being the lowest. The grading system is based on scaled scores, so the raw scores are converted to a standard scale. This means that the performance of the JLPT test from years before yields the same scaled score. In addition, a report called, "Reference Information" is provided on the card which is only an information sheet for examiner's future studies. Many Valiant students continue on to Japanese universities, graduate schools, or enter directly into the Japanese job market.

A novice student of Japanese language is recommended to start from the JLPT N5 level and work their way up to JLPT N1 eventually. Most Japanese companies or universities asks for a JLPT N2 level or above as a requisite. We can help you understand all the exam details.

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