We offer a multitude of different Japanese courses and lessons that cover the most important elements in mastering the Japanese language. Please take a look at all our Japanese courses and lessons and find which one that will meet your needs. Valiant's curriculum is designed to augment your Japanese skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Those at an intermediate level or higher can take courses to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test as well as courses in practical business Japanese. Being able to understand and communicate in Japanese effectively will enhance your experience and enrich your entire life in Japan.

Group Intensive Course

The Japanese Group Intensive Course is designed for people who need to learn all aspects of the Japanese language. This course teaches correct Japanese pronunciation, speaking Japanese, writing and reading katakana, hiragana and kanji. The class meets twice a week and the duration of the classes are two hours.

Private Japanese Lessons

Our private Japanese lessons are designed to fit the specific needs of a student. An interview is done with the student at the beginning to find out their level of Japanese and what they would like to achieve. This is our most flexible option and our private Japanese lessons can be taught off-site.

Business Japanese Lessons

Our business Japanese lessons are designed for all working professionals in Japan. You will learn how to speak with Japanese Clients, Japanese coworkers, how to express yourself in Japanese meetings and more. You will also learn all the important cultural differences when doing business in Japan.

JLPT Test Preparation

Our JLPT preparation lessons are designed for people to pass any or all JLPT levels they desire. The JLPT has become the most relevant Japanese language test in Japan. These lessons are extremely important for working professionals in Japan and for university students planning to study in Japan.